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Malice Crafts

Crafts by Malice

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Malice Crafts is run by me, Miss Malice.

The aim of this lj is to give me somewhere to show off my crafts without driving my friends list on my personal lj bonkers.

If you see anything that interests you here or you would like to place an order for something please email me at malice.doll@btopenworld.com

How the entries work

There is a navigation entry with links to appropriate sections [ie: kitty ears]

The sections show the number of pictures they contain in the subject line.

New crafts will be posted as a new entry and the pictures will also be added to the appropriate section.

Pictures are of crafts that have been already made. These are not the be all and end all of what I can make. If you want something different just ask in a comment or mail me at malice.doll@btopenworld.com

Price List

Kitty Ears : £5

Oversized Pillow Clips [<4.5"] : £6
Large Pillow Clips [<3.5"] : £5
Medium Pillow clips [<2.5"] : £4
Small Pillow Clips [<1.5"] :£3

Medi Pops : £4

Puff Dread Beads : £2.50 / pair

Mini Nurse Hat : £5
Mini Tricorn : £7.50
Mini Military : £7.50

Stumpy Ties : £7.50



Payment by paypal, postal order or well concealed cash at your own risk.

Outside U.K.

Payment by Paypal only.


U.K. postage is £1.50 for the first item on everything except mini hats which is £2.50 for each hat. This covers standard 1st class delivery.

For recorded delivery please add a further 65p.
For special delivery please add a further £3.50.

Outside U.K. postage is £2.50 for for the first item on everything except mini hats which is £3.50 for each hat.

International signed for is also available, please add a further £3.50.

Discounts for multiple items are available, don't fret. E-mail me for details :)


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Kara is a Crafty type with great ideas and products and an artistic streak a mile wide...peruse and purchase!

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Sharon makes amazing quality fake hair! Great seller too, I can't recommend her highly enough!

Have a couple of linky buttons, message me if you want them emailed to you rather than having to grab 'em

banner made by the talented CherryFox [click to link to her burlesque myspace]

banner made by the talented CherryFox [click to link to her burlesque myspace]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

If you would like to be linked here email me with your banner and main address and if I <3 you and your work it will happen.


All malice_ crafts graphics are by la_fashioniste unless otherwise stated.

My mini me perched atop a sewing machine was drawn by the arty wonder that is shiin.

Most recent craft

::Kitty ears and tail set::

Newest Malice Girl


I reserve the right to not to craft for anyone who writes unintelligible emails in text/net speak or who makes statements such as *I would mimic your crafts if I had the time* :(

Unfortuneatly The postal service sometimes lets us down so I always recommend you send payment by paypal for your own reassurance.
If your crafts get lost in the post or are delayed that is primarily not my fault. However I will do my best to recieve compensation back from royal mail if this happens. I always get a postal reciept.

...and folks, this is my _hobby_ not my real life job. Usually I don't take on very many orders at a time. If I am not currently taking orders I usually have a note up on the journal to that effect. Sometimes I even explain why ;) please respect this :)