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Wlecome to Malice-Crafts Live Journal [16 Aug 2010|06:36pm]
[ mood | content ]

This journal is a place for me to show-off my crafts and new ideas.

Feel free to comment on the entries.

I am taking orders. Just comment or email me :)

You can email me with questions at
and check my user info for price lists and the like.


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[15 Aug 2010|12:20pm]
Navigation Links

Mounts and Colours [7]

Kitty Ears, £5.00 [8]

Medi Pops, Mini Pops and Hair Stix, £4.00+ [11]

Puff Dread Beads and Plastic Dread Beads, £2.00+ [9]

Pillow Clips and Bobbles ::Large:: £5.00 [10]

Pillow Clips and Bobbles ::Medium:: £4.00 [9]

Pillow Clips and Bobbles ::Small:: £3.00 [7]

Mini Tricorns £7.50 [8]

Mini Nurse Hats £5.00 [5]

Mini Military Hats £7.50 and Stumpy Ties £7.50 [7]

Sets [6]

Custom Orders [10]

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[14 Aug 2010|01:11pm]
Malice Girls Gallery [49]

[most recent malice girl/boy to send pics is at the top]

Miss Bunny [1]Collapse )

Read more...Collapse )

CherryFox [1]Collapse )

martini_grrl [6]Collapse )

Depechemaid [5]Collapse )

Suz [3]Collapse )

Vexen Star [4]Collapse )

Mephistopholina [6]Collapse )

MeeBee3 [1]Collapse )

Bex [2]Collapse )

Faticeira [2]Collapse )

Ms.Licious [3]Collapse )

Ms Holt [1]Collapse )

Gothic Angel [1]Collapse )

Miss Malice, that would be me then ;) [5]Collapse )

Hyper Eyes [2]Collapse )

Purple Kitten [5]Collapse )

* If you would like to see yourself here please send me a clear pic of you wearing one of my crafts with the subject line "Make me a Malice girl [or boy]" to malice_crafts@hotmail.co.uk
* Malice girls [or boys!] receice free p+p on their next order if they include "I'm a malice girl [or boy]" along with the order

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[21 Nov 2008|09:09pm]
[ mood | busy ]


I've been up to so much lately and have ben very lax in updating here and the myspace.
So here are a few recent orders for some lovely peeps!

Zebra print fascinator with merry widow veiling for battyblingtrash

Kitty ears and tail set for Beautiful.Mess

see under hereCollapse )

Lots for TenderTendrils

Nightmare nurse mini hat and tie set
medication hereCollapse )

Two pairs of kitty ears
meow hereCollapse )

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[12 Sep 2008|08:47pm]

Sakura blossom set consisting of:
4 clips : double blossoms mounted on barrettes
6 dread beads


whole set and close up of beadsCollapse )


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[11 Sep 2008|08:19pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Malice Girls

Two gorgeous new Malice girls to add to the gallery...

Miss BunnyCollapse )

Miss KattiCollapse )

Don't forget folks, send me a pic of you in your Malice Crafts for free p+p on your next order!


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[16 Jul 2008|07:27pm]
Swaps : crafts for dreads

I love swapping crafts for dreads...and here are two sets that I have arranged recently through the heavenly hair board!

Girly swap with beautiful.mess

Plus a cupcake wedding fascinator, kitty ears and a mini topper under hereCollapse )

Pirate swap with Miss.Moo

close up of goodies hereCollapse )

I hope the girls like their parcels!


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[29 Jun 2008|06:23pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Direct sales

I have a few bits and bobs up for direct sale, they were going to be on the Hair Board...but it seems to have melted so I'll pop them here instead.

Cupcake necklacesCollapse )

Cupcake FascinatorsCollapse )

If anyone is interested in anything you can comment here or email me


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[29 Jun 2008|01:15pm]
[ mood | calm ]


Heavenly Hair Board order:
PVC Sakura blossom dreads beads and clipCollapse )

Myspace order:
Zebra Star clipsCollapse )

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[23 Jun 2008|06:25pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Direct sales of premade items

Red hatchetman clip + 3 hatchet beads :£5?Collapse )

monochrome cyborg foam flower Collapse )

Pink and Purple mixed media foam flower Collapse )

Steampunk inspired squiddy fascinator Collapse )

comment or email me at
for more info/if you have any questions/p+p details


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[22 Jun 2008|10:32am]
[ mood | accomplished ]


Cupcake clips for Miss Panda on HH
Burton stripes and zombie styleCollapse )

Nightmare nurse clips from an order on myspace
Blue Medium size medi crossCollapse )

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[15 Jun 2008|06:56pm]
[ mood | awake ]


Black mini tricorn with white trimCollapse )
Black tricorn with white trim + white bows White pvc bows on barrettes Black and white 5Collapse )
Pair of Red/black foam flowers 3Collapse )

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[12 Jun 2008|10:17pm]
[ mood | awake ]


Small red/black foam flowerCollapse )


I'm doing a swap of my crafts for a dread kit from Zombee on the hair board.
lots and lots of star goodies under hereCollapse )

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[06 Jun 2008|09:07pm]
[ mood | amused ]


Mini Military hat and tie
mario-esque 'shroom barrette [medium size]
Green + black medi pops
Puff hearts with hammer and sickle detail [medium size]
Black pvc mini topper mounted on ribbon
for MikalCollapse )

Red and Black foam and felt flower with red mini crin stamen
an order from the hair boardCollapse )

A Direct Sale

I have a little hatchet man and 2 hatchet puff dread beads for direct sale.
Made from red pvc with white stitching.
The hatchet man can be mounted on a barrette or a snappy clip.
comment me for p+p :)

2 pics, one with flash, one withoutCollapse )

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[02 Jun 2008|10:14pm]

2 orders :)

medi pops and polka mini militaryCollapse )

custom order : mini medi apron [approx 12Collapse )

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[01 Jun 2008|10:45pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Orders : kitty ears

Two pairs of kitty ears for two different ladies.

Black pvc with pink middles. Mounted on snappy clips.Collapse )

Pink pvc with white middles. Mounted on barrettes.Collapse )


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[26 May 2008|10:19pm]
[ mood | awake ]


It's been ages since I have had my head in a proper crafting place. After my father in law to be passed away I was really only concentrating on my photography course and that was all.
Now that is over I can get back to sewing XD

pic n mix for Amy of Cradle Falls
nurses, kitties, military and spooky bitsCollapse )

Juggalette accessories, myspace order
hatchetman and mini hatchet beadsCollapse )

personal crafts

My Little Pony inspired gas maskCollapse )

huge mix texture flower clipCollapse )


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[18 Nov 2007|12:17pm]

Syringe beads, mini tricorn, stripe hearts and kitty ears for Nina EvilCollapse )

Stripe hearts and Curvy kitty ears for LeonaCollapse )

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[09 Oct 2007|08:56pm]

Leopard Print Kitty ears and tail setCollapse )

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[16 Sep 2007|12:42pm]

PVC Puff Dread Beads, bats n bowsCollapse )
Mini hat and Tie setCollapse )

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